Bento Cooking Classs : Japanese Culture in a Box!


Bento is an important part of Japanese culture and we want you to experience it. Colorful, delicious, sometimes meaningful, those originally designed lunches are popular worldwide.

So learn how to make a beautiful bento! With the help of our friendly English speaking instructors, you will make the different dishes of the bento, classic or modern everyday Japanese food. Learn about Japanese culture, lifestyle and manners during the process. 

Then you can arrange it freely or listen to our experienced instructors to make the most beautiful display out of all the ingredients. After the pictures you probably will want to take, eat all together  and have fun! It tastes as good as it looks!


  • Make an original bento lunch
  • Make all the dishes, everyday Japanese food
  • Learn about Japanese culture and lifestyle in the process
  • Your own colorful bento, perfect for memorable pictures
  • Friendly English speaking instructors


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