Make your Arita porcelain (1 day with lunch)


Brazilian artist Sebastiao Pimenta takes charge of instruction during this workshop held at Kouraku Kiln, a porcelain factory founded in 1865.

After a tour of the facility, including explanations of the techniques behind Arita ware porcelain, the workshop begins.

During the workshop, participants try their hand at pottery making, creating as many pieces as they wish during the hour-long session before moving on to trying the different kinds of painting characteristic of Arita ware. Participants have their final products delivered to their home as a souvenir.

A unique opportunity to experience the techniques behind a treasured Japanese craft.



AddressKouraku Kiln (幸楽窯) 2512有田町丸尾丙 西松浦郡 Saga 844-0023