Indigo dyeing experience at an old house in the mountains

Experience “indigo dyeing” (dye the fabric with natural dye derived from indigo grass), which is a traditional Japanese dyeing, at the workshop of an old Japanese folk house that has been renovated after 100 years.

The Tonomi district, which faces the Seto Inland Sea and has abundant groundwater. Here in Tonomi, the “blue” of the calm sea and the clear sky in various scenes inspire local artists. At this workshop, you can experience dyeing using the traditional Japanese technique “lye fermentation”. The lye in which wood ash is dissolved is added to “Sukumo is raw material obtained by fermenting indigo leaves and condensing indigo components”, and the dye that reduces the pigment to the dyeing solution by the action of microorganisms further adds depth to “Japan Blue”.

“Aizome” has developed along with the history of Japanese clothing since ancient times, nurturing the delicate “blue” of Japanese people, and it has sublimated modern times, and art. Let's bring out the mysterious and rich color and texture of indigo dyeing with your own sense.


  • Traditional indigo dyeing using natural materials
  • Make your own souvenir and take it home with you
  • Wait at the cafe until it dries (option)
  • 15 minutes walk only from Tonomi Station




AddressAIMA 988 Tonomi Hofu Yamaguchi 747-1111