An exhilarating ride through the World Heritage Site of Shiretoko


Rausu to Shiretoko Pass, Shiretoko 5 Lakes to Utoro

I'm taking my bike on a Hokkaido Adventure Travel trip. We'll start in Rausu, Shiretoko, and ride our e-bikes up the hill to Shiretoko Toge (Shiretoko Pass). The elevation is about 760 meters, but the high latitude makes for a beautiful high-altitude hill climb. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery as you go around the Shiretoko Five Lakes to Utoro.


  • Experience the wilderness of Shiretoko
  • From Rausu, Shiretoko Pass, and the five Shiretoko lakes to Utoro
  • E-bikes make it easy to go up hill climbs!
  • An English guide will guide you 
  • Enjoy many sightseeing places of Tottori in a short time