Guided tour in Fukiya old quarter and make sweets


Walking around Fukiya with a guide and cooking sweets experience.

These streets have prospered from the local copper mine and pigment production, as seen in the red pigment on the roofs and walls of the traditional buildings. Beautiful streets of houses with Japan Red roof tiles painted by high-class specialty paint colcothar.

New Pione is a type of seedless grape which is large and has a rich sweetness and mild sourness. Contrary to some other black teas, Takahashi Black Tea is very mild and has a sweet note, so you can drink it while having a Japanese meal or sweet.

You can enjoy the experience of cooking sweets using local specialties.


  • Visit to Japan Heritage
  • Beautiful streets of houses with red roof tiles
  • Painted by high-class specialty paint colcothar
  • Sweets cooking experience
  • Specialty of Okayama prefecture