Guided tour in Fukiya old quarter and make sweets


Enjoy a guided walking tour of Fukiya and a sweet-making experience.

Fukiya prospered from the local copper mine and pigment production, as can be seen today in the red pigment on the roofs and walls of the town's traditional buildings. The beautiful streets here are lined with houses topped with "Japan Red" roof tiles painted with special colcothar paint.

In town, enjoy a culinary experience of making sweets using local ingredients and other specialities like the New Pione.

A type of seedless grape, large in size, the New Pione delivers a taste of rich sweetness together with mild sourness.

Unlike some other black teas, the local Takahashi Black Tea is very mild and has a note of sweetness making it a great pairing for Japanese cuisine and sweets.


  • Experience Japan Heritage
  • Beautiful streets lined with red roof-tiled houses
  • Sweet-making experience
  • Sample specialties of Okayama Prefecture