Thrilling sandboarding ride toward to the Sea of ​​Japan


It is a course to experience a sandboard lesson for about 2 hours while watching the sand dunes and the Sea of ​​Japan that spread below your eyes at the Tottori Sand Dunes with a magnificent view of the sand. 

Tottori Sand Dunes is Japan's largest sand dunes on the coast of the Sea of Japan. 
You can enjoy a sport called sand boat that slides down the sand dunes of Tottori Sand Dunes. 
It is similar to snowboarding, and you can enjoy it from beginner to advanced. 


  • Visit Japan's largest desert Tottori sand dune 
  • Enjoy a thrilling sandboard towards the sublime Sea of Japan 
  • Even beginners can fully enjoy it 
  • Enjoy an extraordinary experience 
  • Round-trip transportation is not provided for this tour