Experience Japanese culture and life, enjoy Tottori course


Enjoy the Japan's largest Sand Dunes and the monuments of world-class sand sculptors at the Sand Museum.

And eat a homemade warm lunch that you can imagine old Japan at Mitakien.
Also you can visit and enjoy the view of the garden of the Ishitani Residence, which is an important cultural property of Japan.
This is a tour where you can experience Japanese culture and lifestyle and enjoy the charm of Tottori with an English guide.
Private taxi included tour.


  • Visit Japan's largest desert Tottori sand dune 
  • You can take commemorative photos wearing a samurai helmet 
  • Walk around the city used for Sankinkotai with Kimono 
  • Visit the Ishitani Residence an important cultural property 
  • Relax and enjoy Tottori sightseeing in the private taxi