Yamaguchi's Sake Breweries Tour by Taxi - "Takushu"

“Shuzou” is a brewery that brews and stores Japanese sake. Blessed with delicious rice and water, Japan has many sake breweries all over the country. Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, is also known for its Shuzous, which has been around 200 years ago since the Edo period. Visit the three Shuzo houses that represent the Shunan city with taxi and taste the sake that each craftsmans have made with all their heart. Participants will receive an Ochoko sake cup made from Hagi ware from Yamaguchi prefecture in a Takushu-original package.


  • Visit three famous Shuzou sake breweries in Yamaguchi
  • Sake tasting at the Shuzou sake brewery
  • Move comfortably by taxi
  • You can also drink sake in the taxi!
  • Get an Ochoko sake cup made from Hagi ceramics as a souvenir



AddressMachi no port around the Tokuyama station 1-8 Minami-ginza Shunan Yamaguchi 745-0032