Real Japan discovery : Wagyu beef dinner, local karaoke bar


Experience one of the best Wagyu in Miyazaki with a large rang of cuts from locally raised Wagyu beef. Such a night can not end like this so head to one of downtown Kobayashi’s wonderful selection of lively bars or Japanese-style pubs for a truely local experience. It is a great way to meet the locals, and if you feel it, maybe sing a bit of karaoke there?


  • Have a taste of the delicious Miyazaki wagyu Japanese BBQ
  • Try the all-you-can-drink menu featuring the local shochu 
  • Try a Japanese-style bar with free karaoke 
  • Experience the uniqueness of Japanese countryside nightlife



Address炭火焼 牛心 仲町店 (Charcoal-grilled Gyushin) 小林市仲町28-6 Kobayashi Miyazaki 886-0004