Kintaikyo Bridge Ukai pleasure boat

Take a walk around Kintaikyo Bridge with your guide. Then enjoy the summer-only traditional attraction “Kintaikyo Bridge Ukai”. Ukai cormorant fishing at Ukai cormorant fishing is a fishing method that uses cormorants birds to catch Ayu sweetfish. It appeared near Kintai Bridge about 400 years ago. It begins summer night when the opening of the fishing season of Ayu, it will be held at the foot of the Kintaikyo Bridge, a scenic spot over the clear stream Nishiki river. Along with the flow of the river, a number of small boats that burned bonfires approach Kintaikyo Bridge. As the boat approaches, you can see cormorants swimming and chasing Ayu on the surface of the river illuminated by the bonfire.


  • See the Kintaikyo Bridge Cormorant fishing up close
  • Reproduction of the traditional fishing method
  • Enjoy a walk with your guide and Kintaikyo Bridge
  • Enjoy the illuminations of Kintaikyo Bridge
  • Get a gift from Ukai Cormorant fishing goods




AddressKintaikyo bridge toll booth Iwakuni Iwakuni Yamaguchi 741-0062