Work and Relax in Tsuruoka - Experience Rural Japan


Shonai is a place where you can fully enjoy nature in every season, with many local vegetables, delicious fruits, and, of course, rice which is reputed all around the country. The view of the rice fields of the Shonai plain itself is worth the trip.
One of the marvels of Shonai are the three mountains of Dewa, worshipped by people since ancient times and led to Yamabushi Shugendo, a form of mountain priest ascetism.
Shonai is also a coastal place where you can find Kamo Aquarium, a unique venue dedicated to jellyfishes.
The Shonai region of Yamagata Prefecture is a land of beautiful nature, where beliefs and quality of life are alive and well.
Make Tsuruoka your base and enjoy the charms of the region.


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