Kimono or Yukata Experience and Stroll for women in Hagi


When you come to Hagi Castle Town, you will feel like you are back in the days of old Japan. And the best way to experience it is to rent a kimono or yukata and stroll in the old town of Hagi. Visit the well preserved areas of Little Kyoto, Shirakabe Street, Shoin Shrine, Tokoji Temple and the promenade overlooking the Sea of Japan. Hagi is one of the best places to wear kimono or yukata in Japan. It has even won the "Grand Prix of Kimono-friendly Town"! For those who are looking for more fun, cuter kimonos or yukatas are also available for rent. Rent a kimono or yukata with your friends, family or partner and stroll in Hagi


  • Guide service around Hagi Castle Town available
  • Experts will recommend the perfect kimono (or yukata) fit
  • Bag keeping service during your stroll