Jul 1, 2021

Ichimatsu moyo, the popular checkers pattern

There are many traditional Japanese patterns and motifs, some of which are highly regarded in the international art world.

As you may know, the logos for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 are based on Japanese checkered patterns. The stylish logo designs feature a popular checkered pattern which during the Edo period was known as "ichimatsu moyo" and used the traditional Japanese color of indigo blue. The pattern spreading out in all directions is a feature of ichimatsu moyo, and one that is used to express a sense of eternity and boundless creativity.

Ichimatsu moyo, the popular checkers pattern photo

Ichimatsu moyo is widely used all over the world in designs for flags, bags and even food.

We made an "ichimatsu moyo" cake and added a further Japanese touch to it with mirin, vegetable oil and honey.