Jun 15, 2021

Make Your Rice Tastes Better with DONABE

Make Your Rice Tastes Better with DONABE photo

Rice is considered a main food in the Japanese cooking.

Japanese are very particular about how to cook rice beautifully.

Every year new rice cookers with new features are released, but the rice cooked with DONABE (traditional clay pot) is exceptional!

Water boils more quickly than electric rice cooker. The heat permeates very quickly, so each grain of rice jumps and dances in the DONABE, ending up with very fluffy, sticky, savory and shiny rice.

If the heat is too high, you will sometimes get scorched rice at the bottom of the pot. It is called OKOGE, a portion of the crunchy rice like rice crackers. Children used to love this OKOGE and fight over it. Actually I am also a big fan of OKOGE.

In our cooking class, we use this DONABE for cooking rice.

Why don't you find out yourself that how the rice become different?