Sep 13, 2021

Flower Bento with Regional products

Odyssey Japan endeavors to introduce you the charms of the differents region of Japan. And of course it goes also through its cuisine!

In our bento cooking class, not only you will learn how to create beautiful bento patterns, but you will travel around Japan : we use local delicacies and crafts from all around the country! Those products really enhance the meal experience. From tea to chopsticks, discover a selection below

Flower Bento with Regional products photo

  • 関平鉱泉- Sekihira Kousen

This is Natural hot spring water made from Kirishima in Kagoshima has incredibly high permeability, meaning it will further accentuate the deliciousness and aroma of raw ingredients. The product is popular as it improves the flavor of rice, boiled dishes, as well as other foods and drinks.

Using this water in our cooking dishes can draw out the ingredients' flavor, sweetness and aroma, making your food even more delicious and appealing. This is sure to bring smiles to the table.

Flower Bento with Regional products photo

  • 椿茶 Camellia Tea

There are 9 million camellia trees at Goto island in Nagasaki.

The camellia tea brings out delicate flavors of the ingredients, and provides refreshment after meals. In Goto island , camellia tea is not only enjoyed at tea time but also throughout the day-before, during,and after meals. It is often said, “Camellia tea is a miraculous drink for maintenance of health” For example, saponin is drawing strong attention with its various health benefits for anti-virus, antibacterial.

This time, we tried to get together for our Bento meal and camellia tea.

Flower Bento with Regional products photo

  • 飛騨春慶塗箸- Hida-shunkei nuri Chopsticks

The number of people who carry their own chopsticks, or “My hashi '' are increasing for SDGs recently. In those, we introduce a pair of chopsticks for typical traditional lacquer ware at hida-takayama in Gifu. Generally, hida-shunkei nuri are practical and made by hand with traditional techniques and local materials. This wood grain is beautiful and artistics. It would be nice for your Japanese meal time.