Sep 21, 2021

Otsukimi, the moon shines also in food

The moon is bright and beautiful in the clear night sky autumn. In Japan, we celebrate it to show gratitude to the moon for a good harvest. The full moon viewing tradition is called Otsukimi (or Tsukimi). The character 月(tsuki) means to the moon, and 見(mi) means to view or look.

Otsukimi, the moon shines also in food photo

Tsukimi : the moon on a plate

People usually eat rice dumplings on this occasion called tsukimi dango : they are small round white balls of pound rice which represent the beautiful bright moon. Although usually rice dumplings are skewered and seasoned with various flavours, the tsukimi dango are served plain and often stacked into a pyramid-like arrangement on a special serving tray.The plate is decorated with grass, inviting the Gods for the offering. Eating the tsukimi dango provides health and happiness. Yum yum.

Otsukimi, the moon shines also in food photo

The rabbit on the moon

There is an ancient belief of rabbits living on the moon. The reason? The shape of the craters look like a rabbit pounding rice with a mortar and a pestle.

Japanese are taught that since kids, but for someone who just discovered that, it make take a while to figure the shape. Try to find it on the next full moon!